How To Win At Live Casino

When it comes to choosing between virtual and live casino games, countless punters are in two minds. Some of them wonder how to win at live casino; others avoid human contact and celebrate the lack of human interaction in virtual games. Regardless of which group you belong to, there’s no escaping the popularity of this global industry. Online casino gaming continues to bulldoze all industry projections and expectations, in no small part thanks to live gaming platforms.

Regardless, live casino games are still risky and can be detrimental if you don’t play responsibly. Winning at casino games of any kind, whether online or land-based, requires detailed knowledge of the industry’s inner workings. You need to understand game rules, the house edge for each title, your skill level, innate advantages and disadvantages, and more. To help you increase your winning chances during live games, we’ve developed the live dealer online casino guide below. Here’s how to get Lady Luck on your side.

How To Win At Live Casino: Top Hacks For Increasing Your Odds

Playing live games comes with a unique set of challenges despite the apparent similarities with virtual gaming. Live titles take place in real-time and with the help of real-life dealers who run the games and communicate with players. This aspect has both benefits and downsides. But, generally speaking, here’s how to increase your winning chances:

  • Never play in unlicensed casinos
  • Only play on reputable providers’ platforms
  • Exercise caution when managing your bankroll
  • Learn game rules by heart
  • Use bonus offers to your advantage
  • Choose RTP-friendly live games.

Never Play In Unlicensed Casinos

There’s no other way to point out the obvious: registering an account at an unlicensed online casino is a bad idea. There are no guarantees that such casinos operate honestly. Instead, it’s always wise to look for secure and reliable sites when it comes to money. 

If you make this mistake and win a handsome amount, the next step will be to withdraw your winnings. However, more often than not, rogue sites tend to refuse payments or even disappear when it’s time to pay out. There are countless examples of online casinos purposely targeting vulnerable gamers to accumulate deposits and then vanish into thin air. Therefore, you should never trust unlicensed casinos because the lack of a gambling license means there won’t be a higher instance to turn to for help when problems arise.

Only Play On Reputable Providers’ Platforms

One of the methods regarding how to win at live casino is to only register at sites that work with reputable live gaming providers. Examples include companies like Evolution Gaming, Lucky Streak, Betsoft, Vivo Gaming, etc. If you come across a certified vendor, you’ll have the best chance of enjoying popular live games with fair odds.

The most important aspect of this advice is that reputable live gaming platforms undergo certification procedures. Companies like eCogra and others evaluate each casino software. The goal is to ensure the games are honest and transparent, leading to a player-centric experience. Consequently, gaming on such platforms increases your chances of landing a profit because luck and not the casino will determine the games’ outcome. 

Exercise Caution When Managing Your Bankroll

You’d be surprised how often common sense goes out the window when a mouthwatering jackpot appears before your eyes. If your budget is $50 and you’re looking to play roulette, there’s no sense paying $10 per spin. The logic is straightforward: such live dealer casino games will make you spend more while playing less and are the opposite of a fun time. Instead, we recommend looking for games with smaller bets.

Even if you don’t immediately stand landing big wins, avoid obsessing about it. It’s incredibly easy to start gambling compulsively and chasing losses. Go the other route and take rest periods to allow your body and brain to relax. Once you cool down, you can re-focus on playing intelligently.

Learn Game Rules By Heart

When looking at how to win at live casino, understanding the rules beforehand is critical. If you start playing a fast-paced game like poker and have to continuously pause to look at the rules, the likelihood of losing will be high. 

Regardless of how straightforward live casino games seem, they feature different types of bets, rules, and strategies you need to follow. Only after learning the rules by heart can you hope to secure a victory against a live dealer and other opponents.

Use Bonus Offers To Your Advantage

Casino promotions offer players a strategic advantage over the house, but few punters successfully take advantage of them. If your goal is to win in a live game, you’ll increase your chances by using the bonus funds smartly. For example, consider welcome offers. An average casino first deposit bonus can double your playing bankroll, but you shouldn’t take such an offer for granted. Therefore, always make sure to read the bonus terms and conditions before claiming.

Simultaneously, you can land lucrative promotions in live dealer casinos. One example is a registration bonus resulting in hundreds of free spins, which is not an uncommon promo. With each free spin, you can get closer to tipping the odds in your favor without spending your own money. Loyalty programs can be equally beneficial thanks to their permanent promotional offers.

Choose RTP-Friendly Live Games

The Return To Player percentage should be a top priority when choosing the best live casino game. Every online and live casino features a built-in statistical advantage. However, combining a bit of luck with a detailed strategy can help you turn the tide in your favor across numerous live games available in live dealer casinos.

Live Blackjack is the perfect example of a game with a favorable RTP where the right strategy makes all the difference. For instance, Live Blackjack Perfect Pairs features a 95.90% RTP, and 21 + 3 comes with an RTP of 96.30%. Overall, RTP should be a crucial consideration if you’re looking for how to win at live casino, but don’t forget the other tips mentioned above. Good luck!